2 versions exist.  The original was released by Roklan on cartridge (picture #1) and is incomplete.  Very few copies made it out.  When the company folded, the game was licensed to Antic Software who released it on disk (picture #2).

The Antic version has more animations on games 1, 2, and 4, as well as the special ending.

The instructions say to hold down OPTION, SELECT, and START to jump right to the special ending.  You also can see it if you let the program run.  After a few minutes, the special ending will automatically appear (video #1).

BUG: Title screen glitches - With the Roklan version and the 400/800, you don't get the START and OPTION selections on title screen unless you warm RESET it!  It the same with the Antic version unless you warm RESET it or wait until after the attract mode showing the ending appears.

BUG: Roklan version - When the game ends, it never goes back to title screen unless you press OPTION. On the XL/XE, the title screen will no longer show the copyright info unless you warm RESET it!

BUG: In the Childhood game, it’s possible to trap yourself by dropping blocks too close to each other (picture #3).  When this happens, you won’t be able to pick up any blocks or even move away from the area.  This can happen in both the Roklan and Antic versions. {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: There’s no way to reach the ending in the Roklan version.  After completing the Experience Corridor game for the 4th time, it goes right back to the title screen (picture #4).  {Scott Stilphen}





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