Mr. Do!

The most reserve lives you can have is 7 (picture #1).

BUG: Sometimes when you push an apple off a ledge, you'll fall with the apple and die.

BUG: If you drop an apple on the last few monsters, as well as the EXTRA monster, the apple will slice through the EXTRA monster, leaving the ‘sides’ of it!  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: On rare occasions, an Alpha monster won’t attack when you stop moving, and will instead go back-and-forth (video #1).

BUG: Under a certain circumstances, if the EXTRA monster and 1 remaining Alpha monster are pursuing you (with the Alpha monster in front of the EXTRA monster) and you kill the blue monster as it’s about to eat an apple, the EXTRA monster will try to eat the same apple, except it won’t be able to and will remain a ‘ghost’ (video #2).  The apple is still there and can be pushed or dropped (either by you or monsters), but the ‘ghost’ might still be able to kill you if you try to push the apple from the same side the EXTRA monster approached it.  If the apple is dropped, it will break and disappear but a flattened EXTRA monster ‘ghost’ will keep falling and continually wrap-around the screen from the bottom to the top!  This will go away if you lose a life or clear the scene.

BUG: When trying to trigger an EXTRA monster ghost, sometimes the EXTRA monster will eat the apple twice and then continue normally (video #3).

BUG: If one of the monsters is near the bottom of the screen and changes to a digging monster, it might dig down through the bottom of the screen!  A pair of numbers (“65” or “00” will then appear where it dug through (picture #2).   Graphics glitches will appear on the ‘Well Done’ and ‘Extra Mr. Do!’ animation screens, with the latter sometimes crashing the game.




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