BUG: The score counter becomes corrupted when you reach 1 million points.  In my game (see video), the score counter was 998,350 when I hit 3 consecutive balloons (with meat) for 2,800 points (plus another 200 for shooting a balloon).  The first balloon hit (400 points) bumps the score counter to 998,750.  The next 2 balloons hit (800 and 1,600) is where the glitch occurs.  The HI SCORE counter only counts the next balloon (worth 800 points) and freezes at 999,550.  The 1UP counter appears to drop down to 991,151, and then starts incrementing again when the 200 point balloon is shot.  Score should be 1,001,150 at this point.  The 1UP SCORE counter continues to increase as more balloons are hit, but again glitches when the counter approaches 1 million.  At 999,951, I hit a balloon worth 200 points and it again drops down to 910,151.  The round ends with the score at 911,301 and when the next round starts (a bonus round), the counter shows 11,301 (the 9 is dropped)!  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: The rack counter starts to become corrupted for racks 90-99 (see picture); at rack 100, the counter resets back to 1.




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