Star Raiders II

This originally started as a game called Orbiter, which was later adapted to be based on the movie, THE LAST STARFIGHTER, and eventually released for the 400/800 computers under the name Star Raiders II.  Although a Last Starfighter prototype version exists (pictures #1 - #6), which has a number of differences to SR II (both cosmetic and integral pictures #7 - #12), the gameplay is essentially the same in both. Some of the major changes with SRII are the addition of shields, a tactical display, and 3 Star (although you can still refuel by flying to a star).  The barrier was removed (picture #9), and 2 planets were renamed - one in each system (pictures #3, #4, #9, and #10).

The game was eventually released as Star Raiders II, with a number of changes.

RUMOR: Are any of the Last Starfighter Easter eggs in this version?



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