Temple of Apshai Trilogy

HIDDEN MESSAGE: The programmer’s name, Stephen Harland Landrum, can be found in the boot sectors of the character disk (as text in the code).  {Kurt Howe}

You can greatly increase your character's constitution if you have some magic arrows.  Save your character, and go to level 4 in Upper Reaches (the monk temple).  Proceed to the second-lowest room on the left side.  There is a trap in there that releases "Geb's Spirit" (lightning).  Walk down over it.  As long as the spirit didn't get you on its first strike, you can fire the magic arrow and your attribute will go up by 2 points.  Then just leave and save again.  I believe that it appears in the ninth room as well, but it's risky to take on two spirits in one go.  {Kurt Howe}

This site has complete maps and details.

It was thought that room 46 on level 4 of Upper Reaches of Apshai was filled with an unending stream of Antmen, but there’s a total of 40 of them.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: In Curse of Ra, level 4, rooms #36 and #37 are missing, along with treasures #10 and #12, even though descriptions for all are in the manual. {Preston Crow}


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