Vegas Poker

According to programmer Harry Brown, moving the joystick in a certain sequence before pressing the fire button to deal the next hand would automatically award you the jackpot.  This sequence activates jackpot: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, and no direction.  Timing is very important.  Let's say message "You lose" appear after the draw.  Now you must hold the joystick up until a new message appear, and then hold the joystick down until another message appears, and so on.  You can then press FIRE to start a new game. You'll receive A, K, Q and two lower cards. Select A, K, Q to keep and after the draw you'll receive J and 10 to complete a royal flush and win the jackpot.  {Frantisek Houra}

The programmer also stated the game plays fair, dealing random cards from a 52 card deck.  However, this is only true for the initial deal.  Any cards that are drawn (or replaced) are already predetermined before you press the fire button.  This can be proven by using the ‘save state’ function in emulators.  {Scott Stilphen}


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