EASTER EGG: The initials “BP AJM” (for Bob Polaro and Alan J. Murphy – see picture) are hidden in the game (both versions).  On screen 11, get shot while jumping to the right. {Mark Darmofal}

At least 2 prototype versions (dated 6-20-83 and 8-4-83) have been found.  The later version has Elmer’s house at the top of the screen.

The manual doesn’t mention this but there are 16 different screens.  The colors (at the bottom) are: red – green – blue – orange – lt. green – lt. orange – purple – yellow – lt. blue/green – blue – green – black – black – black – lt. green – black.  There’s an intermission after every 8 screens.  Elmer’s speed ramps up with each screen and resets after each intermission.

The most extra lives you can have stored up is 32.  {Greg Degeneffe}

The scoring info in the manual is wrong.  You can get anywhere from 0 to 80 each time you jump in a hole (not 10-70) and it’s not dependent on how fast you accomplish it but rather how many bullets Elmer has in his inventory (X 10).  So to get the maximum points for jumping in a hole, either jump in the hole before Elmer has a chance to get off a shot, or wait until he depletes his inventory and jump in the hole when he reaches his house and replenishes his bullets.  The manual mentions you can steal Elmer’s bullets but doesn’t mention how many points you get for doing it.  You get 100 each time if he has any (1 to 8).  The manual also doesn’t mention the bonus points you get for grabbing the flashing carrots.  When you steal his bullets, any remaining carrots will flash.  If you select one before it stops flashing, you get 250 points.  If you can select both in time, you get 500!

Jumping in hole = 0-80
Stealing Elmer’s bullets = 100
Grabbing flashing carrot = 250 each

It’s easy to roll the score (at 1 million) by continuously stealing Elmer’s bullets, especially on the slower screens.

BUG: Safe areas - In the 6-20-83 version, you can stand at either the left or right screen edge and Elmer can't hit you (if you're on the right side, you'll see his bullet wrap-around the edge a few times on the way down).  In the 8-4-83 version, you can sit at the left side on the lower levels.  When Elmer reaches the left side, he'll wrap-around to the right!  You're not safe on the right side. If you sit on the right side, he'll stay inside the house and shoot through it (and hit you)!


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