One of the very few games actually programmed to be in stereo (which can only be experienced with a modified system).

Super shots - On open-field tank levels, hold down RESET and the FIRE button and then release the RESET (while still holding FIRE).  Your shot will continue across the screen and hit the other tank (see video)!  {Bill Heineman, Oct. 1982 Electronic Games, pg. 40}

Tank speed tricksLEFT+RIGHT = medium speed right turn; LEFT+RIGHT+UP = medium left turn; LEFT+RIGHT+UP+DOWN = medium straight head; UP+DOWN+RIGHT = medium/fast straight ahead; UP+DOWN = fast right turn; LEFT+RIGHT+DOWN = fast right turn (see video).  Using a set of paddles and pressing both fire buttons will also result in the tank making a medium speed right turn.

Bi-plane/bomber speed tricks – LEFT+RIGHT+UP = medium straight ahead; UP+DOWN or LEFT+RIGHT+DOWN = fast right turn; LEFT+RIGHT+UP+DOWN = fast left turn; LEFT+RIGHT or UP+DOWN+RIGHT = fast straight ahead

Jet-fighter speed tricksUP+DOWN = medium right turn; LEFT+RIGHT = medium spin left; LEFT+RIGHT+UP+DOWN = fast spin left; UP+DOWN+RIGHT = flip 180 degrees.  If you shoot while doing a flip, the bullet will also change directions!

Bouncing trick shot - On game 7, position the left tank as shown (picture #1) and press FIRE.  Your shot will bounce up into the corner, come out the top right corner and hit the other tank (see video)!

“Moon walking” tank – Position your tank next to a long, horizontal barrier (such as those in game 2), as close to the barrier as possible.  If you’re under the barrier, have the tank near the right end of the barrier, facing to the right; if you’re above the barrier, have the tank near the left end of the barrier, facing left.  If you then push RIGHT, the tank will start hopping backwards along the wall!  {Bobby Clark}

BUG: Tank corner warping - There is a way to “warp” from one corner to another.  You can also warp around/through barriers (see video).  {James Masters, TV Gamer Winter 1983}.

BUG:  Spinning tanks - Position one tank behind the other, with its turret flat against the tank. Turn the “lead” tank either one increment left or right (if nothing happens one way, try the other direction). Both tanks will begin to spin in circles.

BUG:  Flying tanks - Select game 9 and begin game play. Rotate the left (green) tank 180 degrees and FIRE. If done correctly, the shot will bounce around the screen and hit the right tank. Both tanks should fly approximately three screens to the left before stopping (picture #2).  {James Masters, TV Gamer Winter 1983}.  Rotate the tank on the right 180 degrees and fire. If done correctly, both tanks will switch positions.  If you then move the left tank closer to the right border and fire, both tanks will fly in the other direction!

If the spinning or flying tank tricks are done just as time runs out, the tanks will continue to spin/fly to the point where they usually stop.

RUMOR: According to the Winter 1983 issue of TV Gamer, there’s a weak spot in the top-left corner that, when shot, will cause your shot to appear in the top-right corner.



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