With Blue-Print, using the Harmony created different patterns for how the machine pieces are placed.

With Dig Dug, normally when you power up the original cartridge, ccasionally the game will be set to the Teddy bear level, instead of normal.  This doesn't seem to happen with the Harmony cart or with emulators.

BUG: Incompatible with NTSC 2600 "JR" systems that feature a 1-chip pcb. Pins 12 and 24 on the cartridge slot must be grounded in order to make it compatible. Doing so won't affect operation, as the pins are only needed for initial testing of the boards when they are assembled.  {Fred X. Quimby}

BUG: Running Escape from the Mindmaster creates a graphics glitch with black vertical bars running through the text (picture #1 and #2).



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