EASTER EGG:  Secret Kingdom - One of the biggest Easter eggs ever hidden in a game.  An entire “world” exists far above the mountain (videos #1 and #2). There are at least 2 methods to reaching it:

1) Go to the area in picture #1 and jump diagonally UP+LEFT and hold the joystick in that direction. If done correctly, your character will make a short hop to the other end of the platform and then launch into the air. After a few seconds, he’ll start descending and bounce off the very top of the mountain and continue up.

2) Stand on the platform directly below where you'd start after the 1st hop using the 1st method.  Jump diagonally UP+LEFT and hold the joystick in that direction. When you fall for the 3rd time, jump diagonally UP+RIGHT. You'll skip and jump over to another platform. Just before you land, push UP+LEFT. You'll bounce off the top-most platform and end up in the same area as the 1st method.

Just as your character is about to descend again, a set of four ledges will appear.  Land on the nearest, move to the left side of it, and jump UP+LEFT again.  He’ll hit the upper-left platform and fall to the lower-right. Move to the left side of that platform and jump UP+LEFT again to reach a ladder in the sky. Climb the ladder to enter the Secret Kingdom.  A few wide ladders to the right of the entrance are areas in which you can increase your time, score, and even the # of game variations (up to 256)! {Dave Perry & Russ Perry Jr.}

Once in the secret kingdom, ladders can be added to allow even higher travel by plugging in paddles or other controllers in port two.  You can also change ladders and plateaus by toggling the Left Difficulty, Right Difficulty, or TV Type switches. You can then climb much higher! Also try a Sega Genesis controller. There are areas where it allows you to fall through the mountain and end up below the spider’s lair, or you can continue climbing to end up at that same location.  If you hit the ledge correctly and hop, you will go even higher to a ladder. Grab the ladder and welcome to the secret level. There are all kinds of weird stuff, usually your character will turn very large and the game will freeze, but sometimes you can go pretty far. As you move ladders will disappear and objects will move on the screen. There may very well be something up there if you keep trying. {Tony Roy}

Quick scoring: Go to the top of the biggest mountain, and stand one level below the flame, near the left edge of that platform (picture #2). Push DOWN to sit near location and your score will rise very quickly without having to collect diamonds or other items. The score rolls at 1 million. {Patrick Forhan}

If you get killed by either the spider or running out of time, you can push the FIRE button on the left joystick to restart, but you can also use the button the right joystick.  This is the only time that a controller in the right port will affect something in the mountain.  {Tony Roy}

When flying sideways through the air, and you want to stop flying and come straight down on something directly below you, hold LEFT+RIGHT or UP+DOWN.  By holding the buttons long enough you can stand up in mid-air!  {Tony Roy}

For more details on these tricks and more, check out Tony Roy’s website.

FRYING: Creates extra game variations. {Russ Perry Jr.}




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