EASTER EGG: According to the July 1984 issue of TV Gamer (pg. 65), sometimes when entering the 1st number of a code changes the first 3 letters of the “START” text (picture #1) to “SRM” (for Steve Mundry, picture #2).  German Gonzalez-Morris figured out that pressing both FIRE buttons at the same time will trigger the initials to appear.  {David Walton and German Gonzalez-Morris}

If the game is left on too long, a scrolling rainbow appears (picture #3 and video).

If you use the amulet (on the island), a strange effect occurs in which your adventurer becomes invisible except for his feet (picture #4 and video)!  Eating good mushrooms or herbs restores your body.  It’s unknown whether or not this is a bug or a feature.

In the 3rd part, when you reach the rocket launcher, the rocket will take off, leaving your ranking in its trail (picture #6 and video).  It’s interesting to note that the rocket ship resembles the Atari logo.

BUG: After finishing the game, you’re treated to some strange sound effects.  It sounds as though a tune should be playing, but it’s just random notes (see video).

BUG: In the 2nd part, if you drop one of the 5 special objects, it will disappear completely!  If you happen to drop the key, you will be unable to enter the temple at the top of the island (picture #5).

RUMOR: Perhaps Scott Nelson’s initials are hidden as well?



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