HIDDEN MESSAGEPARKERBROS 83DAVEENGMAN” can be found at the very end of the compiled code listing (picture #1). {Sean Kelly}

Mystery Guardian: Parker Brothers held a contest for whoever could identify the “mystery guardian” found in chamber 4, which is the ancient Swastika symbol.  {Ben Valdes}

Empty tomb: Hold RESET while turning on.  As the intro music plays release RESET.  There won’t be any objects, gun, or indicators at the top of the screen (picture #2).  The flash weapon works after losing your first life (and the indicators will return), but there’s no way to finish the level. When you die, two of your meters will reappear, and you'll get your special weapon. You can't exit this level.  {Joshua Roman}

BUG: When a game ends, the timer will continue to run down.  {Scott Stilphen}

BUG: There’s a way to continue a game while keeping your score!  When a game ends, select the variation before the one you were playing (Ex: if you were playing variation 1, select 8).  Press both SELECT and RESET at the same time very quickly.  If done correctly, the game will restart at the same level you were on.  You may or may not be able to shoot, and you won’t have any flashes or extra lives, but if you lose a life, you’ll be able shoot and you’ll have 3 flashes and lives.  {Darren Chaplin}



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