ATARI VCS/2600 Scoreboard

Updated 8-11-2023

This is a compilation of top VCS scores from various sources.  All scores are NTSC at default settings, set on original consoles, unless noted. 

The requirements (subject to change) are:

CARTRIDGES: Only original cartridges.  No (released) pirate versions (unless the original version was never archived).

Only ROMs of original games (no hacks) or latest version of prototypes for use with a custom (EPROM-based) cartridge, modified Supercharger, multi-carts (using either DIP switches or onscreen menu), Harmony, Harmony Encore, and UnoCart-2600; no pirate knockoffs of these devices allowed.  No Cuttle Carts or Krokodile carts, or similar devices not listed here. 

CONSOLES: The game must be played on an original Atari-made NTSC VCS/2600 console or variants (5200 VCS Cartridge Adaptor, 2600"JR").  Mattel's Intellivision System Changer and Coleco's Colecovision Expansion Module and Gemini console are also allowed.  NOTE: The Difficulty switches on the Gemini are labeled incorrectly!  The 'A' settings are actually 'B', and vice-versa.

    4No 7800 consoles allowed!  RAM is mapped to different locations.
4No 3rd-party clones allowed!
4No emulators allowed!
4No emulator-based systems like the Retron 77 or Flashbacks allowed!

Custom controllers are allowed, as long as they don't alter or modify the directional controls (i.e. one that rapidly switches back-and-forth the left+right directions for games like Decathlon and Track & Field).

Point-pressing (AKA leeching) is allowed, but no exploiting glitches or scoring anomalies.  Check the Easter egg page for the most recent listing of them.

Nobody can assist you with playing the game (i.e. taking control of the game for you).

Pausing is allowed, either with a hardware mod or a game software feature.  The focus here is on high scores, not physical endurance records.

Auto-firing (either with 3rd-party controllers or add-on devices) is allowed.

Photographs of the screen (AKA screenshots) are acceptable proof.  Here are instructions from Atari and Activision on how best to photograph the screen.  All contest submissions must be video recorded and include complete footage the game, the system, controller(s), and cartridge.  The footage also must show the game being powered up and started, along with the Difficulty switch settings and what game variation is being used (unless this can be ascertained by watching the video).  The footage can either be transferred to DVD and sent to me, or uploaded to sites like YouTube or Vimeo and accessible to everyone.  It should include a card onscreen with your full name (or the video watermarked with your name), but this is not required (it's only to protect your video).  I can watermark your video if requested.

Any player found to have knowingly cheated or lied about what format or version they used will have all their scores removed and be permanently banned.  Same for anyone who refuses to admit what they used when asked.

If you have any additions, suggestions, or corrections, please email me.

Click the star for info on the high score contest!


Game name in blue - high score(s) where the score counter rolled over.
High score in blue - maximum score/time possible
Score or text highlighted in yellow - person's score/time is in question.
Player block is grayed out - more than one person has top score/time or has maxed out the game.
Games that are easy to max out (ex. Dodge 'Em) are not tracked.


Atari VCS Log Book

Atari VCS Log Book 1982 rev 1

Complete set of the Activisions scoreboards


Greg Degeneffe (94)
Scott Stilphen (62)
Garrett Holland (44)
Glen Sampson (31)
Steven Germershausen (24)


3-D Genesis (prototype) 134,640 Scott Stilphen screenshot
1942 bB (homebrew) 10,523,900 "cwieland" link
A Mysterious Thief 999,999 Peter Nadalin link
Aardvark (homebrew) 210,900 Brian Tervo link
Acid Drop (PAL) 354,700 John Drake
Adventures of Tron 1,045,200 Steven Germershausen video #1 video #2
Air Raid 62,650 Garrett Holland video
Air Raiders / Bogey Blaster 122 Steven Germershausen  
Air-Sea Battle 74 Greg Bendokus game 2, Difficulty A screenshot
  31 Greg Degeneffe game 27  screenshot
Alien 251,916

Mark Feldt

Allia Quest (homebrew) 91,900 Al Backiel link (page 16)
Alligator People (prototype) 151,950 Scott Stilphen game 7,  4-life limit
Amidar 306,924 Brian Tervo link
Amoeba Jump (homebrew) 55,057 German Gonzalez-Morris screenshot
Aquaventure (8-12-83 prototype) 451,000 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Arkyology (prototype) 79,040 Sam Ramirez screenshot
Asterix* 335,500 Greg Degeneffe video *NTSC version used.
Asteroids 10,506,650 William Rosa 40hr game link
  79,660 Frankie Cardulla

game 32, Difficulty A

Astronomer 2600 (homebrew) 28 Steven Ramirez link
Astrowar (PAL) 129,920 Scott Stilphen  
Astroblast 2,030,325 Alex Lyons link
Atari Climber (homebrew) 26,600 Scott Stilphen Novice setting  screenshot
Atari Video Cube 49.6 seconds Greg Degeneffe game 12  video
Atlantis 8,036,100 Garrett Holland video
Atlantis II 559 James Randall screenshot
Bachelor Party 13,070 Lenny Micheloni screenshot
  10,555 Alasdair Campbell Difficulty A  video
Bachelorette Party 1,115 James Carter  
Backgammon 64-0 Roger Blair link
Bank Heist 199,978 James Randall screenshot
Barnstorming 32.62 "SyeberJ" video
  49.95 Greg Degeneffe game 2 screenshot
52.34 Greg Degeneffe game 3 screenshot and link
  01:10:67 Roger Blair game 4 link
Battlezone 1,588,000 Marco Marabelli video
Beamrider 999,999 Douglas Korekach (maxed on sector 81. Also maxed sector counter at 99), Jonas Carlson (sector 83)  
Beany Bopper 255,110 Paul Zimmerman  
Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em 454 James Carter  
Bermuda Triangle 1,017,350 Peter Nadalin link
Berzerk 1,111,200 Garrett Holland link
  961,710 Christian Keilback game 3 video
  419,650 Steven Germershausen game 6  link
  116,600 Steven Germershausen game 9  link
Blue-Print 400,000 Greg Degeneffe video
BMX Airmaster 1,116,338 Mike Yesenko  
Bobby is Going Home (PAL) 184,900 "The MindMaster" Level 48 screenshot
Boing! 1,151,090 Garrett Holland video
Bot & Tom (homebrew) 264,260 Marco Johannes link
Boulder Dash 16,431 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Bouncin’ Baby Bunnies (prototype) 2,171 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Boxing 1:42 Douglas Korekach  
Buck Rogers 1,783,015

Virender Dayal

Bugs 426 Matt Reed  
Bump ‘N Jump 10,103,928 Garrett Holland video
Bumper Bash 1,199,335 Steven Germershausen link
BurgerTime 121,300 Jeff Adkins screenshot
C.A.V.E. Apocalypse (homebrew) 24,895 "cwieland" link
Cakewalk 29,000 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
California Games 99,990   Max score
  29,700   Max score
12,520 Charles Adams Surfing  link
Canyon Bomber 5,053 Douglas Korekach Difficulty BB
  4,492 Douglas Korekach Difficulty AA screenshot
Carnival 3,333,350 Garrett Holland video
Casino $10,060 Roger Blair link  The max score shown onscreen is $9999.
Cat Trax 235,100 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
Cathouse Blues 788 Steve Rasmussen link
Cave 1K (homebrew) 1,026 Everaldo Bonifacio link
Centipede 1,888,253 Garrett Holland video
Challenge (NTSC version) 1,210,010 Greg Degeneffe video
(Pele's) Championship Soccer 20 André Santos

game 28  video

9 Marc Cohen

game 30, Difficulty A

Chase the Chuck Wagon 2,901 John McAllister video
Chetiry (homebrew) 342,540 "Tatfink" link
China Syndrome* 136 Steven Germershausen Difficulty BB * The lowest score is best, not the highest.
Chuck Norris Superkicks /
Kung Fu Superkicks: Pursuit of the Ninja
254,000 Scott Stilphen screenshot and video
Circus Atari 106,111 Steven Germershausen on DVD
Circus Convoy* (homebrew) 0:15:38 Greg Degeneffe link * Fastest time to find all 95 stars.
Climber 5 (homebrew) Level 94 Greg Degeneffe Original variation video
Coconuts 19,965 Douglas Loyd  
Colony 7 (homebrew) 556,000 Stephen Jones screenshot
Commando 2,022,200 Garrett Holland video
Commando Raid 1,406,370 Glen Sampson Difficulty BB video
  308,110 Glen Sampson Difficulty AA link
Communist Mutants From Space 197,330 James Randall  
Condor Attack 411,432 Ulisses José link
Congo Bongo 1,219,810* Garrett Holland video *The score doesn't count the extra lives from the rollover glitch.
Conquest of Mars (homebrew) 149,720 Greg Degeneffe Novice screenshot and video
Cosmic Ark 204,160 Jeff Adkins screenshot
  11,040 Omar Geddon Difficulty A video
Cosmic Commuter 1,000,000   Max score
Cosmic Creeps 155,800 Peter Nadalin link
Cosmic Swarm 7,070 Glen Sampson link
Crack’ed (11-28-88 prototype) 515,200 Greg Degeneffe video
Crackpots 363,150 Christian Keilback screenshot  Christian claimed 580,840, but the screenshot is no longer available here.
Crash Dive 171,384 James Randall screenshot
Crazy Balloon (homebrew) 33,900 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Crazy Climber 447,000 Scott Stilphen screenshot and link
  190,000 Scott Stilphen Difficulty A screenshot
Crossbow 1,156,950 Douglas Korekach screenshot
Cross Force 127,560 Douglas Korekach Score rolls at 100k, after which you no longer get a free life at 10k.
Crypts of Chaos 10,476 “JacobZu7zu7”  
Crystal Castles 625,835 Michael LLoyd video
Cubis (homebrew) 20,323 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Custer’s Revenge 22,069 Paul Zimmerman     Difficulty A
Dancing Plate (PAL) 36,510 Scott Stilphen screenshot  Doesn't play the same as Dishaster.
Dark Cavern 1,705,000 Scott Stilphen video
Dark Chambers 719,960 Scott Stilphen link
Deadly Duck 349,880 Glen Sampson link
Death Trap 35,218 John McAllister video
Decathlon 11,621 Roger Blair Roger used a Trak-Ball controller - link
10,697 Greg Degeneffe link
9.15 Steven Germershausen 100m dash  Greg Degeneffe used a modified joystick to achieve the same time - link and video
11.82 Steven Germershausen 110m hurdles
3:36.3 Steven Germershausen 1500m race
0:39.3 Steven Germershausen 400m race
Steven Germershausen
Roger Blair
discus throw
Roger used a Trak-Ball controller -
93.74 Greg Degeneffe
Roger Blair
Richard Weidmann
javelin throw  Greg used a Trak-Ball controller - link
Roger used a Trak-Ball controller -
used a Trak-Ball controller - link
  11.65 Roger Blair long jump  Roger used a Trak-Ball controller - link
  11.65 Steven Germershausen long jump
23.81 Steven Germershausen
Richard Weidmann
shot put
Richard used a Trak-Ball controller -
Defender 7,111,150 Garrett Holland link  Andy Tumieki claims 13,101,700 from Arcade Express v1n23
  2,008,550 Garrett Holland Difficulty A  video
  468,700 Garrett Holland game 8, Difficulty A  video
Demolition Herby 50,515 Christian Keilback game 3
Demon Attack 1,556,345 Paul Zimmerman  
  2,000,115 Garrett Holland game 7, Difficulty video
  1,350,015 Garrett Holland game 7, Difficulty link
Demons to Diamonds 15,127

John McAllister

Desert Falcon 1,012,442 Glen Sampson screenshot and video
Dig Dug 3,315,000 Scott Stilphen Normal setting  video
Dishaster 1,023,390 Steven Germershausen link  Doesn't play the same as Dancing Plate.
Dodge 'Em 413 Greg Degeneffe Difficulty A, A  link
Doggon It! (homebrew) 62,149 Roger Blair link
Donald Duck's Speedboat (4-12-83 prototype) 186,610 Greg Degeneffe link
Donkey Kong 3,100,000 Steven Germershausen link and video (parts 1 and 2)
Donkey Kong Junior 1,723,700 Steven Germershausen link and video
Double Dragon 143,190 Glen Sampson screenshot
Dragon Defender (PAL) 367,800 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Dragon's Descent (homebrew) 7,689 Greg Degeneffe Difficulty A,B  video
Dragonfire 353,150 Peter Nadalin link
Dragster 5.57*   * Perfect time.  Tom Hirschfeld's book (pg. 141) says Tony Armstrong was the first to achieve a 5.57, followed by Todd Rogers; the V2 issue of Activisions newsletter recognizes Armstrong, Rogers, and Greg Nichols.  Recent analysis by Eric “Omnigamer” Koziel shows that 5.57 is the fastest time possible under normal conditions, which he achieved using an emulator (video).  Koziel also states a hacked version that allowed for max tachometer would result in 5.54.
  5.57* Peter Nadalin
game 2  * Perfect time.  Peter's video
"sjfk's" video
Dukes of Hazzard, The (prototype) 5,080* Scott Stilphen screenshot  * Highest score possible?
Dumbo’s Flying Circus (7-11-83 prototype) 40,676 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1,492,000 Jeff Adkins Difficulty AA  Jeff has videos of a 1,202,387 score - video #1, video #2, video #3  Took 9-10 hours.
Earth Dies Screaming, The 196,825 Glen Sampson link
Eggomania 1,111,002 Greg Degeneffe video
  25,196 Greg Degeneffe Difficulty A  screenshot
Elevators Amiss! (homebrew) 14,840 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Elk Attack (prototype) 14,125,000 Greg Degeneffe link
Encounter at L-5 5,423 Brian Tervo video and screenshot
Enduro 6177.5 Ulisses Patriota link
Entity, The (prototype) 19,492 Scott Stilphen screenshot and link
Entombed 373 Ronnie Dingman link
Escape from Supercade (homebrew) 3,672 Scott Stilphen Max score screenshot and video
Escape from the Mindmaster 615 James Randall screenshot
Espial 37,020

Greg Degeneffe


Exocet (PAL) 19,890 "Vocelli" screenshot
Fall Down (homebrew) 153 Greg Degeneffe 1-player "game 6" link
Fantastic Voyage 604,491 John McAllister link
Farmyard Fun (pirate NTSC version) 16,169 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video Pirate version of Home Vision's unarchived Play Farm.
Fast Eddie 321,970 Paul Zimmerman  
Fast Food 103,746 Steven Germershausen link and video
Fatal Run (PAL) 319,980 PRJ "deteacher" screenshot
Fathom 24,300 "frostbite76" screenshot
Final Approach 10,000 James Randall  
Fireball 28,857 Glen Sampson Cascade  link
  43,159 Angela Stefanski Firetrap  link
  30,717 Angela Stefanski Knock-A-Block  link
  16,054 Greg Bendokus Marching screenshot
  52,177 Greg Bendokus Migrating screenshot
Flag Capture 16 Greg Degeneffe game 8, dif B video
Flappy Bird (homebrew) 91 "Wizzard" link
Flash Gordon 1,162,205 Glen Sampson link
Frankenstein’s Monster 4,920 Douglas Korekach screenshot
Frog Pond (8-27-82 prototype) 1,195 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
Frogger (Parker Brothers) 97,519 Garrett Holland video
  24,398 Garrett Holland game 3, Difficulty A  video
Frogger, The Official (Starpath) 115,330 Garrett Holland video
  97,390 "keir" Difficulty A screenshot
Frogger II: Threeedeep! 25,611 Douglas Korekach  
Frogs and Flies 99-10 Glen Sampson max score screenshot and video
Front Line 116,800 James Randall screenshot
Frostbite 1,106,790 Fernando Salvio link
Funky Fish (prototype) 29,710 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike 219,200 Douglas Korekach link
Galaxian 1,955,060

George Riley

videos Took 7 hours
Gamma-Attack 12,067 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and link
Gas Hog 27,540 Scott Stilphen video
Gauntlet 84,200 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
Ghost Manor 547,463 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and link
Gingerbread Man: One Tough Cookie (homebrew) 27,990 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Give Me My Pancake! (homebrew) 300 Greg Degeneffe Difficulty BA screenshot
Glacier Patrol 59,250 Mark Feldt  
Go Fish! (homebrew) 9,999 James Randall screenshot  Score stops at 9,999 but you can keep playing.
Golf 31 Steven Germershausen  
  32 Steven Germershausen Difficulty A
Gopher 355,040 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
Gorf 701,000 Garrett Holland video
Grand Prix 29.59* Peter Nadalin * Perfect time, which equals a TAS video.  Peter's video
  50.90 Greg Degeneffe
Roger Blair
game 2  Greg's screenshot and link
Roger's link
01:13.84 Greg Degeneffe game 3  link
  01:35.33 Greg Degeneffe game 4  screenshot and link
Gravitar 1,673,950 Jeff "jedijeff"  
  999,950 Mike Southerland
Jeffy Arensmeyer
Max score possible before rollover.  Southerland was the 1st person recognized to roll it, as part of Atari's Masters contest.  Jeffy's screenshot
Gremlins 1,527,890 Greg Degeneffe link
Guardian 184,900 Scott Stilphen video
Gyruss 1,095,700 Garrett Holland video
H.E.R.O. 1,000,000 Jeff Adkins
Greg Degeneffe
Garrett Holland
Jeff's screenshot
Greg's link
  397,015 Jeff Adkins game 5 1-life run screenshot
Happy Bird (homebrew) 206 "steux" link
Hard-Head (prototype) 122,897 Greg Degeneffe link
Harem (prototype) 184 Glen Sampson screenshot
Halloween 3,366,000 Tim Snider link  Tim feels a higher score set by someone else years later is suspect (link)
Heart Like A Wheel (prototype) 05.20 Greg Degeneffe
Glen Sampson
Left Difficulty A Greg's link
Glen's link
Hellway (homebrew) 3,030 "cflukee" link
Holey Moley (2-29-83 prototype) 6,180 Scott Stilphen screenshot and link
Hunchy II (homebrew) 2,920 "S.Baz" screenshot
I Want My Mommy 1,160* John McAllister
Glen Sampson
Peter Nadalin
Greg Degeneffe
link * This is only for the first screen, since according to the manual, the lowest score (for each screen) is the best, not the highest. 
Ice Hockey 47-2 Garrett Holland game 3  video
Indy 500 3 seconds left Ryan Gavigan
Scott Stilphen
game 6. Difficulty A. Max score is 50. Ryan's screenshot, Scott's screenshot
  17 seconds left Scott Stilphen game 8, Difficulty A. Max score is 50. screenshot
Ikari Warriors 92,400 Jeff Adkins screenshot
Inca Gold (NTSC version) 2,189 Peter Nadalin link  Score rolls at 1,000
Infiltrate 2,043,600* Glen Sampson link and video * Heavy use of point-pressing (sat in lower-left corner and kept firing).
  100,250 Garrett Holland link  No use of point-pressing.
Ixion (prototype) 600,850 Darrell Spice Jr. screenshot
James Bond 007 45,550 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Jawbreaker 104,650 "DarQ Massacres" screenshot
Journey Escape $4,317,804 Greg Degeneffe link
Joust 6,071,400 Garrett Holland Skilled setting  video
Jr. Pac-Man 902,660 Mark Feldt  
Jungle Hunt 90,480 Scott Stilphen screenshot and video
Juno First (homebrew) 238,000 Glen Sampson link
Kamikazi Saucers (prototype) 5,583 Troy Whelan link
Kangaroo 1,510,300 Ulisses José link
King Kong 10,515 Mark Marrese link
KLAX 181,680 Jeff Adkins screenshot
Knight on the Town 2,236* Scott Stilphen screenshot * The lowest score is best, not the highest.
Kool-Aid Man 214,800 Mason Cramer screenshot and video
Krull 1,006,680* Scott Stilphen screenshot (before rollover) and video.  * Heavy use of point-pressing.
  5* Scott Stilphen link  * Number of beasts killed.
L.E.M. Lunar Excursion Module (homebrew) 590,600 "arturfreddy" link
Lady Bug (homebrew) 604,410 John Champeau screenshot
Laser Gates 87,336 Garrett Holland video and link
Lilly Adventure (PAL) 23,740 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Lock 'N' Chase 110,630 W. Michael Dietrich link
Looping (prototype) 1,005,520* Scott Stilphen screenshot (before rollover)  * Heavy use of point-pressing
Lord of the Rings, The: Journey to Rivendell (WIP.17 prototype) 214,900 Scott Stilphen screenshot and video
Lost Luggage (blue version) 1,011,288 Greg Degeneffe link
  609,300 James Randall Unknown which cart version used, green or blue.
M.A.D. 17,000 Stephen Riesenburger  
Malagai 11,800* Scott Stilphen
Greg Degeneffe
Difficulty A  *Perfect game (w/o losing any lives)  Scott's screenshot
Greg's screenshot
Mangia 9,999 Greg Degeneffe
Peter Nadalin
Greg's link
Peter's video
Marauder 100,610 Ulisses Patriota link Game rolls at 100k.
  130,900 Ulisses Patriota Game 4, Difficulty A link
Marble Craze (homebrew) 936 Greg Degeneffe video
Marine Wars 54,480 "Omargeddon" video
Mario Bros. 2,009,500 William Rosa link
Master Builder 130,469 Greg Degeneffe link
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man 1,602,900

Peter Nadalin

Mega Force 367,864 Garrett Holland video
Meltdown (prototype) 56,495 Glen Sampson link
Midnight Magic 3,401,240* William Smith * Difficulty setting unknown.
  1,085,525 Garrett Holland Difficulty A  video
Millipede 1,318,414 Brian Tervo link
Miner 2049er 11,934 Peter Nadalin link
Miner 2049er Vol. II 6,724 Randall H. Ball  
Mines of Minos 11,450 unknown screenshot
Miniature Golf 10 Peter Nadalin link
Missile Command 10,555,630 Garrett Holland video
  1,258,285 Garrett Holland Difficulty A  video
Missile Control 11,280 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Mission 3000 AD (PAL) 33,500 "TheHoboInYourRoom" screenshot
Mogul Maniac 5:25   Fastest time
Montezuma’s Revenge 1,342,100 Ulisses José link
Moon Patrol 66,330 "Atarian7" screenshot
Moonsweeper 538,580 Christian Keilback link
Motocross (PAL) 125.9 Scott Stilphen screenshot  Pirate version of Home Vision's unarchived Around The World.
Motocross Racer 01:57:22 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Motorodeo 1,805 Greg Degeneffe Easy setting screenshot
Mountain King 1,057,425 Steven Germershausen video #1, video #2
Mouse Trap 302,995

Alex Lyons

Mr. Do! 130,400 Garrett Holland video
Mr. Do!’s Castle 1,319,540 Peter Nadalin link
Ms. Pac-Man 325,530 Brian Tervo link
Music Machine 1,293,330 Douglas Korekach
Name This Game 25,220 James Randall  
Nexar, The Challenge of 2,913,100 Ulisses Patriota link  Left Difficulty B, Right Difficulty A.  The manual states there's 99 levels!
No Escape! 7,008,208 Douglas Korekach  
Nuts 17,900 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Obelix 766,510 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Off the Wall 118,344 Scott Stilphen Difficulty A
Off Your Rocker (prototype) 70 Roger Blair link
Oink 999,999   Max score
Omega Race 282,500 Scott Stilphen screenshot  Heavy use of point-pressing - hunting photon mines strategy.
Out of Control 01:07.95 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Pac-Man 337,388 Garrett Holland link
  200,000 Garrett Holland game 6, Difficulty A  link
Pac-Man 4K (Dennis Debro homebrew) 31,730 Sam Ramirez link
Pac-Man 8K (Daniel "Dintar816" homebrew) 52,540 "Yurkie" screenshot
Parachute (PAL) 49,750 Greg Degeneffe link
Pengo 332,400 Brian Tervo link
Pepsi Invaders 18,800 John McAllister link
Pesco (homebrew) 24,480 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Phaser Patrol Hero Level A "original gamer" screenshot and link
Phoenix 4,014,440

Paul Zimmerman

Pick Up (prototype) 99,325 Glen Sampson link
Picnic 9,900 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
  11,100 "Jason Atari" Difficulty A screenshot
Piece O' Cake 52,360 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Pigs In Space 1,333,300 Greg Degeneffe link
Pitfall! 114,000 (1:42 left)* Douglas Korekach * Fastest perfect game w/o any deaths.
  114,000 (1:46 left) Douglas Korekach screenshot  Fastest time with deaths (dying twice in last tunnel).
Plaque Attack 83,575 Glen Sampson video
Planet Patrol 210,010 Ulisses Patriota link
Pleiades (prototype) 35,410 Scott Stilphen screenshot and video
Polaris 146,900 Garrett Holland video
Pole Position 60,960 Frankie Cardulla
Jeff Adkins
Frankie's link and Jeff's screenshot.  Jeff noted driving perfect laps gets you a faster time but a lower score (60,910 max).  Driving imperfect laps (going around cars off-road in the corner and occasionally skidding) allows you to pass 1 or 2 more cars.  "MayDay" claims he once got scores of 63,210 and 63,260.
Pooyan 19,145 Marc Cohen screenshot
Popeye 324,150 Peter Nadalin screenshot
Porky’s 8,999 Scott Stilphen
Steven Germershausen
max score Steven's screenshot
Power Off! (homebrew) 3,104 Scott Stilphen completed screenshot
Pressure Cooker 354,345 James Randall screenshot
Private Eye 103,100 Greg Degeneffe game 4, Difficulty A link and video
  252,400 Greg Degeneffe game 5  screenshot
Pursuit of the Pink Panther (prototype) 23,870 Scott Stilphen screenshot on DVD
Q*bert 2,400,000 Greg Degeneffe video
Q*bert’s Qubes 3,295,570 unknown Difficulty A/A video.
Qb (homebrew) 64,150 Greg Degeneffe link
Quadrun 812,670 Mike Southerland  
Quest for Quintana Roo 109,600 Jeff Adkins screenshot
Quick Step 5,770

Alan Hewston

Rabbit Transit 333,337 Garrett Holland video
Racer (prototype) 10,015 Scott Stilphen video
Radar Lock 59,534 James Randall screenshot
Raft Rider 151,233 Brian Tervo link
Raptor (homebrew) 1,154 Sam Ramirez screenshot
Ram It 1,100,000 Greg Degeneffe link
Reactor 1,034,016 Brian Tervo link
RealSports Football 265 Scott Stilphen video  Max score is 99.
  8:57 left Scott Stilphen fastest to max score 99  video
Reindeer Rescue (homebrew) 127,800 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Rescue Terra 1 4,048,775 Garrett Holland link
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes 1,100,000 Greg Degeneffe screenshots
Riddle of the Sphinx 316,741 Greg Degeneffe video
River Patrol 24,290 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and link
River Raid !!!!!! (1,000,000) Garrett Holland video
River Raid II 653,850 James Randall screenshot
Road Runner 2,038,100 Scott Stilphen  
Robin Hood 404,000 Glen Sampson screenshot and link
Robot Tank 76 tanks Sean Kirkpatrick
Roc ‘N Rope 240,720 Steven Germershausen link and video
Rocky and Bullwinkle (4-20-83 prototype) 130,800 Glen Sampson link
Room of Doom 51,450 Scott Stilphen completed screenshot
Save Mary (11-21-89 prototype) 63,190 Darrell Spice Jr. screenshot
Save Our Ship (PAL) 2,480 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Save the Whales (green screen prototype) 13,800 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
Scuba Diver 345,000 Peter Nadalin link
Sea Monster (PAL) 20,100 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Seaweed Assault (homebrew) 80,631 Garrett Holland link
Seawolf (homebrew) 17,990 Matt Sales link
Seaquest 521,330 Patrick Stanley link
Secret Quest 253,408 "Kingofgamespedropro" video
Sentinel 62,540 Scott Stilphen screenshot and link "ninermaniac" claimed 96,000 but offered no proof.
Shootin’ Gallery 253,900   Max score
Shooting Arcade (9-19-89 prototype) 35,800 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Shuttle Orbiter 6:59 Douglas Korekach  
Sinistar 563,445* Rob Maerz * Unknown which version was used.  At least 4 versions exist.
Sir Lancelot 1,031,800 PRJ "deteacher" screenshot
Skate Boardin’ 0 obstacles
2:36 remaining
Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Ski Hunt (PAL) 6,145 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Ski Run (PAL) 190,733 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Skiing 32.72*   Slalom  * Fastest time possible
  32.83*   Slalom  game 1, Difficulty AA  * Fastest time possible
  01:05:05 Greg Degeneffe
Peter Nadalin
Slalom game 2, Difficulty BB  Greg's link
Peter's link
  27.94* Don Clark
Greg Degeneffe
Slalom  game 3  * Fastest time possible?  Don was recognized for this in Activisions Fall 1981 V1 newsletter.  Greg's video  Atwell Shearer was recognized for  27.54 in Activisions December 1982 V5 issue.  Brent Metcalf was recognized in Activisions Fall 1983 V7 newsletter for 27.51.
  28.57* Greg Degeneffe
Glen Sampson
Slalom  game 3, Difficulty AA  * Fastest time possible?  Greg's link
Glen's link
  28.29* Greg Degeneffe Slalom  game 5, Difficulty AA  * Fastest time possible?  Greg's screenshot and link

Downhill  game 6, Difficulty AA  * Fastest time possible

  38.99 Greg Degeneffe Downhill game 8, Difficulty BB  link
  01:09.84 Greg Degeneffe Downhill game 10 link
  01:09.92 Greg Degeneffe Downhill  game 10, Difficulty AA
Sky Jinks 34.49 Douglas Korekach Stephen C. Tokich was recognized for 31.64 in Activisions Fall 1983 V7 newsletter.  Jay Doming was recognized for 31.99 in the Spring 1983 V6 newsletter.
  34.56 Greg Degeneffe Greg doesn't see how a 34.49 was achieved, let alone the 31.xx times link
Sky Skipper 220,960 Peter Nadalin link
  200,000 Scott Stilphen 1 life only.  Score rolls at 100k.
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle 376,900 Peter Nadalin video
  171,600 Jeff Adkins game 3  screenshot
Snail Against Squirrel (PAL) 33,000 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Snoopy & the Red Baron 155,500 Blaine Locklair game 1 (Pilot First Class)  link
Solar Fox 16,426,700 Steven Germershausen video #1   video #2   video #3
Solar Plexus (homebrew) 15,490 James Randall screenshot
Solar Storm 12,620 Douglas Korekach  Score rolls at 10k.
Solaris 281,740  “Jifremok” screenshot
Sorcerer's Apprentice 71,312 Glen Sampson link
Space Cavern 1,029,035 Glen Sampson link  Took just under 3 hours
Space Invaders 621,535 Frankie Cardulla Jason Kennedy claimed 2,306,530 in 5 hours on a PAL version (info from Atari VCS Owners Club Bulletin, August 1983 issue)!
165,200 Rebecca (Bill) Heineman Difficulty A  Won Atari's 1980 Space Invaders championship.  Contest had a 2-hour limit.
  6,535 Scott Stilphen game 7 screenshot
Space Jockey 1,500,000 Greg Degeneffe video
Spacechase 185,075 Tom Garcia From Arcade Express V1N13
Spacemaster X-7 4,844,300 Greg Degeneffe video
Spider-Man 252,020 Scott Stilphen screenshot and link
Spike’s Peak 1,794,000 Peter Nadalin video
Spinning Fireball (prototype) 999,999 Scott Stilphen
Greg Degeneffe
Glen Sampson
Scott's screenshot on DVD.  1 life run.
Greg's link
Spitfire Attack 1,101,500 Glen Sampson screenshot and video
Springer 7,909 John Marks screenshot
Sprint Master 0.11:3 Glen Sampson track 1 link
Spy Hunter 308,200 Glen Sampson screenshot
Squeeze Box 182,940 James Randall screenshot
Squish ‘Em (homebrew) 106,330 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Sssnake 4,000 Steven Germershausen link
Stampede 40,718 Greg Degeneffe screenshot   Kenny Vance was recognized for 157,000 in Activisions Spring 1982 V3 newsletter, although this is well beyond what should be possible since you can't play the game beyond the 8th herd link
Star Fire (homebrew) 7,538

Christian Keilback

Star Ship 78 Stephen Risenberger game 4
  60 Greg Degeneffe game 11 video
  32 Roger Blair game 14 link
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator - Official Arcade Version 1,125,300 Garrett Holland video
Star Voyager 290 Erik Kaufman Difficulty B A screenshot and video
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle 101,315 Garrett Holland video
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Ewok Adventure 17,563 David Yancey link
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 150,010 Garrett Holland Score rolls at 10k.  video
Star Wars: The Arcade Game 4,131,488 Douglas Korekach  
  968,823 Christian Keilback Difficulty A
Stargate / Defender II 263,750 James Randall  
Stargunner 77,400 Glen Sampson link
Starmaster 3,972 Mike Ratledge
Glen Sampson
Greg Degeneffe
Ensign  Mike was recognized in Activisions December 1982 V5 newsletter.  Glen's link
Greg's link
  5,935 Mike Ratledge
Glen Sampson
Leader  Mike was recognized in Activisions December 1982 V5 newsletter.  Glen's link
  7925 Tracy Gross Wing Commander  Recognized in Activisions Spring 1983 V6 newsletter.
  9,793 Frank Walters StarMaster  Recognized in Activisions December 1982 V5 newsletter.
Stay Frosty (homebrew) 276,518 John McAllister screenshot
Stay Frosty 2: Stay Frostier (homebrew) 378,853 John McAllister screenshot
Steeplechase (Atari) 01:06:00 Greg Degeneffe link
Strat-O-Gems Deluxe (homebrew) 74,635 Chris Read screenshot
Strategy X 18,080 Jeff Adkins screenshot
Stronghold 6,090 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
Submarine Commander 2,760* James Randall
* Max score?
Sub-Scan 94,090 Scott Stilphen screenshot and video
Subterranea 115,701 Douglas Korekach Score rolls at 100k.
Suicide Mission 1,001,410 Scott Stilphen  

Summer Games

10.9 Peter Nadalin Dash  screenshot and video
  7.1 Greg Degeneffe Gymnastics  link
21.1 Greg Degeneffe
Alex Lyons
Hurdles  Greg's link
Alex's link
  22.2 Alex Lyons
Greg Degeneffe
Rowing  Alex's link
  22.8 Greg Degeneffe
Alex Lyons
Swimming  Greg' link
Alex's link
  01:09.1 Greg Degeneffe Swimming Relay  screenshot
Super Breakout 6,843 Douglas Korekach Breakout  game 1
  10,594 Douglas Korekach Double  game 3
  6,696 Marc Cohen Cavity  game 5  video
  4,011 Brian L. Wagner Progressive  game 7
Super Cobra 171,240 Glen Sampson slow mode  link
Super Football 77-9 Scott Stilphen video
Superman 41 seconds Jeff Adkins  
  57 seconds Jeff Adkins Difficulty A  video
Surf’s Up (later version prototype) 301,870 Greg Degeneffe link
Surfer's Paradise but Danger Below! (PAL) 1,298 Peter Nadalin link
Survival Run 457,120 Glen Sampson screenshot and link
Tac-Scan 476,500 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and video
Tanks But No Tanks 47,800 James Randall  
Tapeworm 9,999 Steven Germershausen
Peter Nadalin
Difficulty B Steven's link
Tapper 454,850 William Rosa link
Targ (prototype) 1,002,150 Scott Stilphen  
Tax Avoiders 909,500 Glen Sampson screenshot and link
Taz 338,500 Andrew Fellman link
Telepathy (prototype) 153,520

Scott Stilphen

Tempest (1-5-84 prototype) 42,500 Glen Sampson link
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The 53,000 Glen Sampson screenshot and link
This Planet Sucks (homebrew) 2,293 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Threshold 80,270 John McAllister video
Thrust (homebrew) 192,360 ”bjk7382” screenshot
Thunderground 12,499,990 Garrett Holland link
Time Pilot 66,500 Jeff Adkins screenshot
Time Warp (PAL) 69,722 Scott Stilphen screenshot
Tomarc the Barbarian 2,310,160 Peter Nadalin video
Tooth Protectors 1,021,300 "RaccoonyDave" screenshot
Towering Inferno 3,730 Glen Sampson video
Toyshop Trouble (homebrew) 81,326 James Randall screenshot
Track & Field 84,670 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
  8.76 Greg Degeneffe 100m dash  link
  10.53 Greg Degeneffe long jump  link
  97.62 Greg Degeneffe javelin  screenshot
  10.47 Greg Degeneffe 110m hurdles  link
  92.80 Greg Degeneffe
Peter Nadalin
hammer throw  Greg's video
Peter's link
  2.42 Greg Degeneffe
Peter Nadalin
Garrett Holland
high jump  Greg's video
Peter's link
Garrett's link
TRON Deadly Discs / Deadly Discs 147,785 Alex Lyons link
Tunnel Runner 511,440 Jeff Adkins screenshot and video 129 runs completed, at which point game crashes.
Turbo (prototype) 28,910 Greg Degeneffe screenshot
Turmoil 153,090 Alan W Hewston Score rolls at 100k
Tutankham* 6,794 Garrett Holland video * Only video accepted for this, due to a trick to continue a game while keeping score.
UFO Patrol (pirate NTSC version)     Pirate NTSC version of Home Vision's unarchived X'Mission.
Ultra SCSIcide (homebrew) 3,672,627 (380A33) Darrell Spice Jr. The score is given in hexadecimal screenshot
Universal Chaos 362,660 James Randall screenshot
Up‘n Down 168,830 Glen Sampson screenshot
Vanguard 1,042,570 William Rosa link
Vault Assault (homebrew) 887,070 Greg Degeneffe Difficulty A screenshot and video
Venture 104,400 Scott Stilphen screenshot and video
Video Jogger 24,510 Greg Degeneffe screenshot and link
Video Pinball 91,862,206 Steven Germershausen Approximately 12 hours.
  52,693,603 Steven Germershausen Difficulty A  link
Wabbit 1,300*   *Game has a 'killscreen' at 1,300 due to the rabbits disappearing!
Wall Ball 81,235 "robotron2084" screenshot
Wall Defender (pirate PAL version of Home Vision's Wall Break) 999,999 Greg Degeneffe
Glen Sampson
Greg's screenshot and video
Warplock 310 Greg Degeneffe video

Winter Games

0:44.0 Greg Degeneffe Biathlon screenshot and link
  0:20.6 Greg Degeneffe Bobsled link
  0:30.2 Greg Degeneffe Luge screenshot
  178.3 Greg Degeneffe Ski Jump screenshot
  0:32.0 Greg Degeneffe Slalom screenshot and link
  0:23.3 Ulisses José Speed Skating link
Wizard of Wor 395,300 Greg Degeneffe video  Score rolls at 100k.
Worm War I 2,222,220 Garrett Holland video
Word Zapper 59 (seconds left)* Greg Degeneffe
Scott Stilphen
*Fastest time possible?  Greg's screenshot
Scott's screenshot
Xenophobe 1,628,370 Scott Stilphen Scott posted a video of a 1,167,000 game.
Xevious (1-18-84 prototype - fixed version) 228,900 Scott Stilphen screenshot and link
Yars’ Revenge 25,005,713 Garrett Holland game 2, Difficulty video
  15,000,322 Garrett Holland game 2, Difficulty video
  4,359,251 Garrett Holland game 6, Difficulty B  video
Zaxxon 100,000 Ronnie Dingman screenshot
Zoo Fun (PAL) 6,958 David Archey  


BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED

Perry Brenkman - recognized by Twin Galaxies for a Grand Prix time of 01:34.93, but this video by Greg Degeneffe proves that specific time isn't possible.

Ron Corcoran - disgraced former Twin Galaxies chief referee who verified his own scores against TG's rules, and set most using an emulator (without making note of it).  He even added a score from at least one event he didn't even attend (one of John Marks' events link).   His scores were finally removed from TG's database... 11 years after I publicly called for former disgraced chief TG referee Mruczek to remove them (link).  He also imported some of Todd Rogers' scores and later vouched (i.e. lied) for him when some of them started to come under close scrutiny.  Corcoran failed at every game, including the most important one - life.

Tom Duncan - used his position as a Twin Galaxies referee to use other players' strategies and then beat their scores before they got entered into Twin Galaxies' database (link 1, link 2).  In 2017 he asked to have all of his scores removed.  From 2005-2009 he amassed well over 5,000 records (link).  This was during the Mruczek era of allowing referees to self-enter their own scores.  Make of that what you will.

Rodrigo Lopes - used PAL versions (and an emulator) to tie or break several Twin Galaxies scores on prominent titles like Decathlon and Pitfall.  He refused to answer when repeatedly asked what platform (NTSC, PAL, or emulator) he used (link), and when he claimed he only used NTSC versions of ROMS, I pointed out a half-dozen records of his were on games only released in PAL format.  Years later, someone else claimed he was cheating on several games (link 1, link 2, link 3).  And who was the ref who verified all of these questionable scores?  None other than Robert T. Mruczek.  In fact, Rodrigo would only submit his scores to Mruczek, even once waiting for him to return for vacation before submitting some scores!

UPDATE: TG finally banned Lopes in December 2019 when he refused to respond over the latest dispute regarding one of his scores, but the decision wasn't without controversy (link), much like TG's decision with Todd Rogers.

Robert T. Mruczek - disgraced former Twin Galaxies chief referee who was eventually banned from TG (under Water Day's ownership).  The list of his corrupt behavior through the years continues to grow.  He:

  • Supported known cheaters like Corcoran, Lopes, Todd Rogers, and Billy Mitchell, and refused to completely remove their scores, but instead praised them while erasing countless scores from others and entire database tracks for his own frivolous whims, without legitimate reasons or proof.  John Marks personally contacted him in 2007 regarding a score Corcoran self-entered from one of Marks' events that Corcoran didn't even attend (link), and Mruczek refused to remove it.

  • Backdated his VCS Kaboom score (and possibly more) soon after becoming the chief ref at TG.  As of 2-20-01, his high score was 51,849 (recorded 10-20-99 link), but during his time as chief ref, his score was changed to 999,999 and backdated 7-1-85 (link)!

  • Made false claims (such as there being 2 different ROM versions of Donkey Kong and Berzerk, which there aren't - link 1, link 2, link 3), which in many cases left himself with the top score; he actually claimed his DK cart was somehow different than everyone else's, when it was HIS score that should have been removed!

  • Treated PAL and emulator scores as being equal to NTSC, which allowed players like Lopes to receive credit for breaking several long-standing records (link), and felt keeping them separate was a "waste of time and resources"; when Walter Day ordered him to,  it soon became a disaster when he re-labeled countless verified scores as being done on different platforms - based on nothing more than his own, personal definition of how 'rare' a game was (link).

  • Has a history of removing scores and tracks, often based on nothing more than his own, spurious opinions.  Right before he was kicked out of TG, he wiped out the entire database of NES scores, because some of them apparently came from the Nintendo Power magazine, and he simply didn't fee like taking the time to research which specific scores they were.  Even as recently as 2020 (link), he was looking to get a score removed - this time one of his own (and for a track he originally created) - yet when a similar request was made by someone else 5 years earlier, he had the opposite opinion, calling the removal of scores historical revisionism (link).

  • Recently admitted most TG refs self-entered their own scores (again, continuing with Corcoran's corrupt approach).  He even admits he was self-entering his own scores as far back as 2001.  After Corcoran was arrested, his own record count jumped from 152 (at the end of December 2004) to 397 (at the end of February 2005 link).  When the suggestion was made to dump all scores from Corcoran, he was against it (as recent as 2017) because it might set a precedent for removing all scores sent to Corcoran for verification, including his.  And yet, 2 months later he created a thread on TG, asking for all of Corcoran's scores to be removed.

  • Recently suggested "rounding down" questionable scores to correct suspected typos, proving he's still very much part of the 'old guard' at TG, where doing whatever it took to make issues "go away" took precedent over doing the right thing.

  • Recently claimed TG had a rule against exploiting the Space Invaders double-firing glitch and that he never supported the use of it, yet 3 years earlier he approved of someone else using it.

It's unknown how many scores were "Mruczek'd" up during his 4 years as chief ref there.  I could probably devote an entire page to 'Murczek madness'.  You would be hard-pressed to find a more stubborn, hypocritical, and insulting person in this hobby, and one totally ignorant of technical aspects (ex: differences between NTSC and PAL games), not to mention his other "hobby" of objectifying women (NSFW).  Between Corcoran's disastrous policies and Mruczek's decision to not only continue with them but to expand on them and create new ones while ignoring any and all criticism regarding them, it will be many years before TG's corrupted database will be fully corrected, if ever.  If TG truly wants a clean slate for their database, they need to scrape off the remaining residue from that era of corruption, and that means him.  Much like Corcoran's scores, not only does Mruczek's VCS Donkey Kong score need to be removed, but ALL of his scores as well, due to the years of his corrupt and unethical behavior.  TG's self-appointed title of official video game score keeper demands every gamer be held to the same standards, and unfortunately for much of its history, that wasn't the case.  There's a new era of TG now (with the real experts - the gamers - having a say in how their database is maintained) and it's clear Mruczek and those like him who continue to push their old agendas will never adapt to it.

UPDATE: Mruczek is now banned again from TG for the 2nd time.  You might say he's !!

Wilson Oyama  - caught using emulator save states on another scoreboard, under the name "oyamafamily".  He's long been suspected of editing his videos and thanks to Garrett Holland's video, we now have evidence.

Todd Rogers - disgraced early 1980s video game "star" and former Twin Galaxies referee who often billed himself as the world's first professional gamer but ended up being the world's first professional video game liar.  There has been years of speculation regarding some of his scores, and throughout it all, every time a score was questioned, there was always a litany of excuses (he used a different cartridge version, or a prototype, or his score was entered incorrectly, or there was a smudge on his paperwork, etc).  He's also claimed marathon times that weren't close to what others have shown.  It seems the "world's greatest home video game player" did whatever he could to be on top.  In late 2017, I removed all of his scores from my site.

UPDATE: Thanks largely to the work of Eric “Omnigamer” Koziel, to those on TG for recognizing Rogers' fake Activision Dragster 5.51 certificate, and to Benjamin “Apollo Legend” Smith for a pair of YouTube videos (#1 and #2), TG was left with no choice but to remove all of his scores and ban him (which should have been done 6 months earlier).  2 days later, Guinness dropped Rogers' Dragster record as well.  Koziel posted his comments about this on his Twitter page, which includes a link to Rogers' statement.  Meanwhile, Rogers continues to post fake evidence (this time to Reddit with a Photoshopped photo from 10 years ago) and offer different excuses for his fake scores (recently with this interview).  The thread on TG regarding the months-long discussion about Rogers' fake scores was removed without warning in February 2022.  When someone pointed it out to the TG community, Hall's response was that it "administratively archived"; in other words, it's now only available to TG admins.  This is apparently the new way to 'sweep things under the rug' at TG - out of sight, out of mind.

It's worth noting that 5 of the 7 people on this list were former Twin Galaxies referees.  If Walter Day and Billy Mitchell played Atari VCS/2600 games competitively, their names would be listed here as well.  It's unfortunate TG's history is rife with those with such immoral behavior who also held high positions within it.  I had hoped a change of ownership would bring with it a genuine attempt to undo decades of corruption, but while progress has been made in some areas, it's sorely lacking in others.  The same axiom still applies - TG needs players far more than players will ever need TG.  Until TG's current owner, Jace Hall, truly understands that and makes a concerted effort to completely break away from "old" TG (and those responsible for it), that negative reputation will hang over them forever; it would be a shame if that continued, because the current top players there now are some of the best TG has ever had, and they deserve a better platform.  Unfortunately, Hall made it very clear that scores proven or highly suspected to be fake would remain, particularly any of Mruczek's (link).  Back in 2018, a rather damning article (and accompanying Reddit thread) about Hall's involvement with the H1Z1 professional gaming league fiasco and some of the serious claims leveled against him should give anybody involved with him or TG pause for concern.

BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED          BANNED

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