Prototypes and alternate versions that need to be archived and shared by those currently hoarding them:

3-D Asteroids - Matty Reichert reviewed it and has a copy of it.
Actionauts - version released was "fixed". Original version still not released (Jose "wonder007" Artiles now owns original)
Ad. D&D: Tower of Mystery - Sean Kelly and Matty Reichert (who reviewed it)
Ad. D&D: Treasure of Tarmin - Sean Kelly, Matty Reichert (who reviewed it), and Kevin Horton
Amiga Boing demo 2.0 - has an Easter egg in it.
Anteater - Sean Kelly, Matty Reichert (who reviewed it and still has a copy of it), and Kevin Horton (who posted an actual screenshot of it in 2013).
Arcade Pong
- fixed paddle bug
Burgertime - Later version allows selectable dif. levels using TV Type switch (B/W = easy, COLOR = hard) and fixed the height bug
Color Bars - Jose Artiles LINK
sprite editor - John Hardie
CommaVid TRS-80 tapes (Underworld)- John Hardie
Da' Fuzz - (Atari 400/800 version) a later version was recovered from Ronald Borta by Ken Van Mersbergen and shared with Matty Reichert, but nobody else LINK
David Lubar materials - given to John Hardie (and as they say, if you give it to John, it's as good as gone)
Donald Duck's Speedboat (5-16-83) - Matty Reichert and Roman Scharnberg claim this is identical to the 4-12-83 version, but at least 2 different prototype carts have been found dated 5-16-83 - only one of which has been archived.
Dune - version released by Curt "exfelon" Vendel was "fixed" and reviewed by Matty Reichert. Original version still not released
Gyruss - 6 VCS different versions were recovered from Ronald Borta by Ken Van Mersbergen but only 5 are available LINK.  And what of the original 400/800 version LINK?
In Search of the Golden Skull - Sean Kelly and Kevin Horton (who posted an actual screenshot of it in 2013).
Intuition - There's a (very) short list of possible names as to who the unnamed California collector is who paid $10k for the only known prototype of this in September 2022.  If you won't share the code or sell carts of it, at least put out some video footage of it running.
James Bond 007 - version with slightly-different music.  Originally came from Arnie Katz and Bill Kunkel's collection.  This one ended up with Joseph Santulli and was at CGE once, and went missing after that!  Another 8 different versions were recovered from Ronald Borta by Ken Van Mersbergen and shared with Matty Reichert, but only 6 are available LINK
Laser Blast - original version had a bug, possibly related to avoiding the force field
Loco-Motion - Sean Kelly, Roman "cpuwhiz" Sharnberg, and Matty Reichert (but don't bother asking him about it LINK)
Look Ahead - John Hardie (Mark Klein brought it to a past CGE)
Lord of the Rings - LINK
Mark of the Mole - Matty Reichert
Miner 2049'er Vol. II - Includes a level select.  Jose Artiles and Matty Reichert LINK
Nexar - original version has roll-over bug, the later version doesn't.
Pesco - Atari Age version (easier)
Phaser Patrol - PAL version - owned by "mayhem"
Pursuit of the Pink Panther (Atari 400/800 version) - Matty Reichert
Ram It - 2 versions LINK
Sentinel PAL -Matty Reichert sold it to Jose Artiles
Skeet Shoot - original version had a bug which causes screen to roll
smiley face 7800 diagnostic - John Hardie
Soccer RS Football (1988) - no music at power-up, missing some sound f/x
Sprint 88 (Sprintmaster) versions - John Hardie has had this for years.
Starpath protos - LINK
Tank Blitz (?) - First shown at CGE2K1.  Roman Scharnburg dumped it in 2013, Matty Reichert reviewed it, Jose Artiles bought it, and carts were to be sold in 2015 (LINK).  No carts were ever sold and the ROM wasn't shared LINK
Toki - (Atari 7800 version) Person who found the prototype entrusted Roman Scharnburg with a copy of it.  5 year later and long after the person disappeared, he apparently loses the only copy of it and is glad to be absolved of any responsibility of having to do the right thing (i.e. sharing it with anyone else, other than his 'inner circle' like Matty Reichert, that is) LINK
Tumbleweeds (Atari 5200 version) John Hardie LINK
Video Life - need true dump of cart, which Yarusso refused to make available for over 20 years now LINK
Wing War - (Atari 400/800 version) LINK

Todd Rogers alternate carts (good luck getting these, as there's a good chance they only exist in Todd's mind, much like his high score records):

Adventures of Tron (one stops at 999,999, the other rolls)
Blackjack - stops at 999 (instead of 1,000)
Journey Escape (has border around screen, or no border)
Reactor (one stops at 999,999, the other rolls)
Sky Jinks
Stampede (rolls at 100,000 instead of 10,000)
Taz (
rare 1984 re-release)

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