Atari Remote Control VCS/2700


A completely redesigned VCS (much like the 5200 and 7800) that featured wireless controllers that integrated the functions of both a joystick and a paddle, and included buttons for reset and select. A few fully-functional systems (complete with box) were even produced, but unfortunately, plans to release it were scrapped when it was discovered the remote controllers would affect any other 2700 system within a 1,000' radius!  From Jerry Jessop:

"The ones that were used for the show had the paddles disabled.  The paddles were working, but not to the resolution (0-255) and as reliable as we wanted.  There was a ton of 'jitter' in the paddles, even in the pilot stage.  Another stupid project and product that should have been killed long before it ever got to this stage.  Unfortunately the legacy of the 'wedge' design, controller storage compartment, and the unplayable side firing controllers lived on in the next disaster evolution, the 5200."





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