Super Football Strategies 

By Scott Stilphen


Here are a few strategy tips I've discovered while playing Super Football.

On Offense:

When playing the computer, it is possible to score on every possession.  Select formation #6 and pattern #2.  Wait until the halfback moves up to hike the ball.  This will draw the computer cornerback to the left.  Move your quarterback diagonally up and to the right.  Once past the linemen, repeatedly push up and to the right until you pass the cornerback.  head straight up the sidelines until you score or you are tackled.  Keep running this play until you score.  This strategy works on any level.

On Defense:

When the computer selects a #2 formation, select a defensive formation that will place your cornerback to the right side of the screen.  When the computer hikes the ball, run diagonally towards the wide receiver.  You can almost always intercept the pass thrown to him.  This technique is less effective on higher levels.

When preparing to select your play, wait until the computer picks first.  This allows you to see the formation it has picked and counter it.

To cover a reciever, stay between the receiver and the quarterback.  This way, you can intercept if he chooses to pass.  If he chooses to run, you don't have to run as far to catch him.

After kicking off, move your player down but in line with the receiver.  It is much easier to tackle the receiver this way.

Game Over trick:

When the losing team kicks a good field goal or extra point and the time expires, both teams wave their hands in victory.  This also happens if the winning team's score as rolled over and the losing team's score appears higher.


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