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Originally sub-titled "A Critical Look At Video Cartridge Games & Programs", this column appeared in Video magazine and was the progenitor for what became Electronic Games magazine.  From EG co-founder Bill Kunkel:

"While Electronic Games is well-remembered by most of the gaming world, I almost never see any references to Video, the magazine in which Arnie Katz and I created the first videogame review column, 'Arcade Alley.' More than that, however, Arnie (then writing under the pseudonym 'Frank Laney Jr.' in order to protect his regular editorial gig) and I wrote quite a few features for Video editor Bruce Apar.  'Arcade Alley' launched in 1978 but continued to appear in Video until around August 1984, overlapping the appearance of EG. In the December '81 issue, in fact, we produced the following look at the gaming world a decade after the arrival of Pong. So take a trip into a past in which you may not have even been alive and feel some of the raw passion that was building for this amazing new hobby... videogames!"

Although the list is incomplete, here's what I have archived:

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