Activision patches 


Just as collectible now as they were then!  It was customary for Activision to offer special sew-on patches for players who achieved a specific score threshold or rank.  All you had to do to claim it was take a photo of the screen and mail it to them; in return, they'd send you a cool patch and a letter - often from their Customer Relations rep Jan Marsella.  She also went by other titles, such as "Game Chairman", "Membership Chairman", "Activision Olympic Committee Chairman", "Commander-in-Chief and our favorite, "Keeper of the Light". In fact, there were only 2 that weren't signed by her, but by Pitfall Harry.


This was a special promotional patch that Activision gave out at shows.  Click on it to see all the Atari VCS/2600 patches,
along with the recognition letters.


A small instruction card such as these came with every patch.

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