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Six new games for the Atari VCS/2600!

These are from game developer Video Soft, and all (with the exception of one) were intended to be sold to Amiga. The games were mentioned in company press releases from the early 1980s and were thought to have been just one of the many vaporware titles that never materialized. So it was quite a surprise to learn that not only did most of the titles announced exist in prototype form, but were developed enough to be playable - half of which appear to be complete!

What's even better than that?  Well, how about the opportunity to own a copy of them!  After nearly 30 years, and with the cooperation of Digital Press, the games are at long last being made available! Thanks to the efforts of a few, dedicated Atari fans, the prototypes were archived, new artwork was created, and cartridges were produced, under agreement with Video Soft founder Jerry Lawson. Each cartridge includes both a box and manual, and production is limited to 100 numbered copies of each title (click on the thumbnail photos below for full-size pictures).  Only 100 of each will ever be produced, and as each title is sold out, the ROM file for it will be released to the public with the condition it is not to be sold or distributed by anyone, in any form).  We feel this arrangement should please everyone, from the casual gamer to the hardcore collector.

Here's your chance to own 6 previously unreleased games for the Atari VCS/2600. Games can either be purchased separately or as a complete set (one of each game).  For more information (and for ordering 1 or more games), click on one of the 6 game titles at the top of this page. To see video clips of the games, go HERE.  For ordering a complete set (1 of each game), use the "Buy Now" button below - all complete set orders include FREE shipping!  Paypal orders will only be shipped to confirmed addresses, where applicable.  Payment via check or money order is also accepted.  There's also an official thread on Digital Press HERE.


UPDATE: Since first being announced for sale (back on December 15th, 2010), half of all the cartridges have now been sold.  Prices for the remaining games have been reduced by $5, in an effort to help expedite support for the Lawson family. 

** Those of us involved in the release of these cartridges wish to express our heartfelt sorrow and deepest sympathy to the Lawson family.  Mr. Jerry Lawson passed away unexpectedly on April 9th, 2011. 

The reasons for this project were two-fold -- to release new games for the classic gaming community, and, more importantly, to help Jerry benefit from sales of these games.  Up until now, the arrangement with Jerry was for him to receive 50% of all profits.  That arrangement will continue with Jerry's family, with the exception that 100% of all profits will now go to them.    -Scott Stilphen


*** Michael Thomasson bought the remaining copies and is now selling them on his website.


(C) Video Soft, Inc.


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